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I have always enjoyed traveling. I think it adds more purpose to my life and helps me grow. When I haven’t traveled in a while I always miss all the new places I haven’t been to really much. This wanderlust keeps me wanting to travel more and more, to see as most of this world as possible.

For some years now I am dreaming about going to Africa as a volunteer after finishing school. I always liked the idea of discovering the african continent and do something beneficial at the same time.

Now, finally, the time has come, after months of studying and writing all my exams I graduated in June 2019. Through the preparation time for my final exams I discovered that I love to learn new things and would also enjoy going to uni now. But this dream of Africa and the desire to travel, which is in my heart, is even more important to me. 

I will be going to Zambia for six months with the norwegian organisation oneworldinstitute. Before going there I will have a three month preparation time in Norway, where I will be going to school and get to know the other participants. After that I will be volunteering in a project in Zambia. For the last few weeks of the program I will return to Norway, where I have the opportunity to get the most out of my african experience and share my experiences with the world. 

I will get you along with me on my exciting  journey and my life abroad. I will try to capture all the precious moments, the funny, adorable, maybe sometimes sad, but still really important things of my new way of living. You will witness the ups and downs, the lessons I will learn of the faults I will make and the exciting adventures. You will get to know the new people in my life, the different cultures, the knowledge I will gain by this experience and everything I will learn for myself.

There may not always be sunny days, I will have to try new things, to step out of my comfort zone and grow a lot while doing this. But you can read about all the details in my blogposts 🙂

I hope you will have a much fun reading about my adventure as I have living my dream and discover a little bit more of this amazing world. 

So have a great time being a part of my journey!



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